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Der OP-1 ist eine mobile Musik-Workstation mit integriertem Synthesizer, Sampler, Sequencer, Multitrack Recorder, Drum Machine, Mixer und Controller.

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Replacement Case / Housing

I am wondering if I can purchase a replacement case/housing for the OP-1, the previous owner removed the connector board panel on the back with a screw driver and scratched it all up and I would like to replace it so that it is in "new" condition again. I did not see that part listed as an option.

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The iFixit European store seems to be familiar with this product and sells parts for it. Since the housing is not a commonly replaced part it may not be on their list of available parts but they may have it.


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I received a response from Teenage Engineering stating that this part is not available as a replacement part. This is unfortunate because this is usually the part that gets banged up when used.

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