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Die Neuauflage vom April 2014 von Apples MacBook Air 11" erhielt aufgefrischte Dual Core i5 und i7 Haswell Prozessoren und eine leicht verbesserte Akkuleistung.

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Speakers are not working at all

Internal drive crashed and now I'm using an external hard disk. Still speaker is not working.

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Did you get your system wet or bang it?


Yeah i think i got it wet but I am not sure


You'l need to open the system up and do a full inspection of the logic board for any corrosion (both sides). That could explain why your drive and speakers died. May need a new logic board.


Check the I/O cable pins on both side (cable which runs over fan). If it is saying no output audio devices in the settings, this will most likely be the cause. SSD failures are rare on the 2014 models, so liquid damage could be the cause of this problem.


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I would recommend fixing the internal drive issue first.

This model comes with a custom blade SSD. Here's the IFIXIT guide to gain access to it: MacBook Air 11" Early 2014 SSD Replacement. IFIXIT sells Apple SSD units but you can use a 3rd party SSD which will be a bit cheaper for the larger sizes. Here's the info for OWC: SSD Flash Storage Options For Your Mac

In any case once you have the new drive installed you can then do an Internet recovery. Here's more on that: About macOS Recovery & How to reinstall macOS.

Once you get the OS installed and any needed updates see if you still have the problem.

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