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Apple Watch Series 2, angekündigt am 7. September 2016 und veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016.

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Help! Debris stuck in Digital Crown!

Hello iFixit! I need a bit of help here because I cleaned my Apple Watch Sport 2 With a alcohol prep pad, and some of the cloth is now stuck inside the digital crown, making it hard to turn on occasion. My nearest Apple Store is 2 hours away and I have all the tools to DIY it. What should I do?

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I would also like if it could be done without opening it as I like my waterproofing seals!


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@reedcrosby,Reed, You may have to get yourself a cheap dollar store magnifier/glasses to aid in seeing if fibers are accessible to dislodge with a small pin/compressed air(should work). If not then you may have to partially disassemble watch to get at debri. Link below shows how to disassemble, if need be. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown

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Thank you! I never thought of that...


@reedcrosby, Reed, Welcome, thanks for replying back and good luck with your Apple watch.


Thanks for the luck, I might need it!


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Try getting some tweezers and just slowly getting rid of all the fibers, they should eventually come out.

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I would, but the issue is I cannot see them but I can feel the resistance from them.


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