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Pavilion dv1000, Intel Pentium M 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive

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Getting in my computer that I forgot the password

I forgot the password under my name

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What version of windows do you have?


Can you get into safe mode to look at the administrator options ?


As far as i know :

For Windows 10 , get in your computer with MS , only after this , you can reset and make a new password on computer .let me know if you are using MS ,otherwise , for other account (Local account), no way for you,

Or for Windows 7/8 . you can try installing ONTP&RE and Ophcrack on your computer , which can break the lock Windows computer without computer ,if you still fail ,read this program for more help : http://www.iseepassword.com/how-to-crack...


I don't usually make this mistake,the passwords I set would be special Numbers or dates, and sometimes I would write them down on paper,

well ,follow it : https://www.mobiledic.com/windows-topic/... to unlock your computer(I didn't know it is Windows 10 or Windows 7/8 computer ?)


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Tricky for the novice because of the text based Linux interface. It requires you to read and think. If you can handle that, it is perfect.

 What it does is remove the encrypted password so it is like a new system.

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There is a program called "ntpasswd" it wipes any users password, admin or not, on Windows NT and up. You just need another computer to burn the program to a flashdrive or cd and boot it up like any OS. I've used it many times on computers that people wanted me to fix, but forgot their passwords.

It is terminal/command line based but fairly straight forward and easy to understand.

Block Image

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thanks man

appreciate the quick response


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id suggest finding or developing whats known as a rainbow table.

This cycles through passwords one after the other until if finds the right one. you will need a programmer to make you one, and they are not cheap.

Newer Versions of windows, (7 and up) have a limit to how many passwords you can attempt, so if you want to use the PC again, you will likely have to format the device, and reinstall windows.

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This isnt a great idea. There is a much easier AND FREE way of bypassing the password completely. I just need to know which os the OP has and i can get that guide.


fair enough. i made my own, so it was free and easy, but i suppose if you do have a guide, it would be great. do you mind posting one for windows 7 and 10 as well so i could learn? i always like to increase my knowledge


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Get into safe mode, and login as Admin to remove password. (XP Only)

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