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The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is the second generation of a smart camera that can upload your photos an instant after taking them. The Camera, EK-GC200ZWAXAR, uses Android JellyBean 4.3.

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Photos appear white when taken in daylight

I have a samsung galaxy camera 2 EK-GC200. It takes photos indoors with no issue albeit they are very bright, but in normal daylight the photos just come out pure white. I have adjusted all of the settings to reduce light coming into the lens but in daylight it makes no difference at all and when these settings are adjusted the photos are black when indoors. Also auto mode makes no difference either. Help!

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Maybe this is not much of an answer as I bet you've already tried this action: Have you tried experiencing with the white balance settings? If not, have a go to see if you can get any improvement.

There's also a colour hue adjustment on this camera, albeit that I tried it with little success. It's hidden in the settings. If you use it, though, remember your original settings so that you can revert if necessary.

As a last suggestion (and incidentally I too have issues with this camera) see what happens when you select the option that takes three (I think) photos of the same shot all with slightly varied colours.

I hope that something in these ramblings might help you!

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