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4-Zoll iPhone herausgebracht im März 2016 mit ähnlicher Hardware und Spezifikationen wie das 6s. Erhältlich in Silber, Space Grau, Gold oder Roségold mit 16/64 GB Speicher. Modell A1662 und A1723.

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iPhone 5s Display works on iPhone 5s but stripes on iPhone SE

I bought a display for an iPhone 5s from ifixit to install it on an iPhone Se that uses the same Display as the iPhone 5s. The Screen works perfect on an iPhone 5s but I get stripes on the SE. I installed an original Apple Display from an iPhone 5s on the iPhone SE and it works perfectly. I don´t understand what´s wrong with the unit? Do you have any explanations for that ifixit? I made short Video from the error just take a look.

Thank you in advance.

Update (06/17/2017)

a little quote from ifixit: iFixit wrote in its teardown of the device. "After a little testing, we found the 5s display is plug-and-play in the SE—fitment, connectors, and functionality are the same. It fires right up."

Update (06/17/2017)

The iPhone Se is 2.Gen, not the first Se that was released.

Update (06/17/2017)

The Display shows nothing during the boot process. After the booted, a double click on the on/off button and it shows the error shown in the video above.

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You can't use aftermarket 5S screens on a iPhone SE.

You must either use a original iPhone 5S screen or a original / aftermarket iPhone SE screen.

Aftermarket iPhone 5S screens do not work on the SE as the display is copied from the original screens but not 100% which causes issues with LCD image display working properly on iPhone SE.

They do all plug in no problem physically and fit in properly but like said above.

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@sfsrepair @refectio I am going to convert your comments to question and then send them off to Meta. Maybe the iFixit guru's can shed more light on that.


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