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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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My MacBook don't turn on, only get Beep every 5 sec interval

Hello, help me please!

A few days ago I bought a used MacBook Pro 13" (mid 2010).

On the second day I used my Mac too heavily, so it led to overheating. I closed lid, put Mac on the table and after 20 min I returned and tried to start it. But it didn't turn on. There wasn't a start signal and the screen was dark, only a beep with an interval 5 sec.

On the next day I turned on my Mac without problems, but after work I closed lid and the problem repeated itself.

Sometimes after I can start the Mac without problems, but at the last time it completely stopped. And now I'm getting a beep with an interval 5 sec again.

I tried to reset NVRAM & SMC, but without any effect.

I dismantled Mac and my opinion the problem is the video card is damaged because of overheating. So I want to try solder video card.

So, what is your opinion of this problem? Am I right, that problem in video card?

And please, can you tell me:

Did they use lead free or lead solder on these MacBooks?

Can you tell me solder temperature?

I will be grateful for the answer

Update (07/13/2017)

I forget to add, there is no problem with the RAM as I tried a different set of modules,

I also tried to clean socket, but no effect, so I suggested, that problem in other component.

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I want to end this question

The problem was in videochip. I resoldered this and now macbook turn on without problems. But very pity, that in my Macbook it is very difficult problem with videochip because of unlucky setting of chip. I suppose that the last owner soldered chip very bad, so now my Mac can't take a big workload.

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Please review this Apple T/N: About Mac startup tones

The beep error you are getting is a RAM error. Most likely the logic board upper RAM socket is damaged. This often happens when the system gets a good bang on the bottom cover.

Lets try this take the top module out and see if it runs with only one module.

Also you may want to check your modules as you can get this error if the modules don't meet the required specs: 204-pin PC3-8500 (1066 MHz) DDR3 SO-DIMM

I would start their I would not try desoldering anything as your issue is clearly a RAM issue based on the POST error and we have seen this problem before.

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But I have checked both sockets of RAM and they don't work. Of course I use another RAM suitable for my Mac. But it didin't help me. So, what do you think about this?


I understand this is confusing!

Take the RAM out and only put back in ONE module in the bottom slot. Then see what happens. If that fails, try the other RAM module in the same bottom slot what happens then? Again only use one module within the system.


Okey, I will check the bottom slot. But I have checked the bottom and the top slot separately before, but only with one module of RAM. I will check this with four different modules I have. But it's strange, you told that this problem appeares after good bang on the bottom cover? But I weren't damaging my Mac for 4 days I used it. So, I will check your instruction and after this I will report you the result


Lets give it a try one more time just to be sure. If you have a known good set use there for testing.

Problems can show up later when the system gets stressed. Stress can be physical like a bang, or just the act of altering the RAM modules within the fixture. It can also happen when the system heats up and then cools down this is where solder joints fail.

You could try loosening the RAM fixture screws (1/2 turn should do it) to destress the fixture. If the fixture is damaged it really can't be replaced as its press-fitted into the logic board (not soldered). The only other part related to RAM is the PCH logic with is part of the GPU chip in this system. At which point its time for a new logic board.


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Are the beeps in a pattern of three or just a single beep? You may want to follow this question as i think your problem is related:

Getting three Beeps, Not RAM error

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no, single beep


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