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Angekündigt am 9. September 2014, ist dies das erste Gerät von Apple im Bereich der Smart Wearables. Die Reparaturanleitungen von iFixit beziehen sich sowohl auf die Apple Watch (Edelstahl) als auch die Apple Watch Sport (Aluminum).

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Are Apple Watches repairable?

Hi. I have tried researching into this and I have found mixed answers. From what I can see, by replacing just the digitizer (glass) the touch will not work because of an IC chip. But if I were to buy the lcd and digitizer assembly, it should work with no problem. I have a lady asking me if I can replace screens on Apple Watches and it is something I would like to be able to offer, since I am having more demand on fixing them. Though I know parts can be expensive and it is best to avoid eBay and Amazon for parts, it is something that I would like to know how to do if possible. So if a few people can clearify this and all, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Good question!

Let me answer it this way: Fixing the steps of your home is something many of us can do. Fixing a computer takes some deeper skills, and fixing an iPhone or iPad takes even deeper skills.

So fixing an Apple Watch while repairable, takes even more skills!

The real question here is it worth the cost of learning and getting the needed tools and parts to offer the repairs? Are you skilled enough?

Even in medicine we have more doctors skilled in chest and abdomen aliments than brain surgery.

Are you able to get enough business to make it pay?

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Good point. I think the other issue is the cost of parts, and therefore the total cost of repair, versus the value of the watch.


Thanks for the response. I do understand there is not a lot of demand and prices can be high but I do have some demand. I think it would be something to order the part when one is needed and all. But my main thing is I'm wondering if a lcd and digitizer assembly would actually work on an Apple Watch if I were to replace that? I have seen mixed answers on that and I'm not sure if it is or not because of that.


Most of the issue I think is skills & the proper tools. Just like fixing iPhones & iPads some people have the knack for it others don't. Or are just don't use care damaging things in the process.

The best thing here is to find a broken one and see if you can fix it.

Even still you do need to know how to evaluate what is damaged before digging in with a customers watch, and you may end up buy them a replacement.

As not many people are attempting servicing the watch yet (many are still under warranty) you are a bit of a trail blazer here.


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Yes Apple has an out of warranty repair program. Usually less ~ $50 the price of a new watch.


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I love how no one is friggin answering this guys question.

He wants to know if replacing the actual LCD assembly WILL WORK, as opposed to the glass only repair which will not work because of the IC chip serial issue.

I'm also wondering myself, so if someone can actually answer the question that'll be great!

How is this the top answer?

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@justinr - So how many Apple Watches have you fixed? I bet you I've fixed just as many ;-} Thats the problem no one knows how to fix them! Apple is still the primary repair source as they are still under warranty on the most part.

We're all groping in the dark here.


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are they fixable, yes they are. however fixing them isnt the only issue. the bigger issues is cost. unless you know what your doing and fix it yourself then the parts and labor involved fixing them normally cost the same as buying another watch. its cheaper to apple fix them or buy a new one then deal with the aftermarket parts and the seals that may hold.

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