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A Bluetooth 4.0 portable speaker by Omaker. The speaker has an IP54 waterproof rating designed for outdoor and rugged use. Containing a 12 hour battery life, this speaker is meant to last.

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My omaker 2130 speaker turns off in the middle of a song.

My omaker 2130 fully charged turns off during a song every time

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Can you tell us which speaker referencing their web site OMaker



Model 2130 small Bluetooth speaker


@drbelding - Sorry guy I just don't see the 2130 model. All I see listed are M4 & M5 models. Your link is the same one I posted :-} if you can zero in to the exact model that would help.


Sorry that's what it says on the bottom. It's a W4n portable mini omaker


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Music Breaking Off

The music constantly cuts out every minute for about a second

Connection Distance

You will realize the music will start cutting off when you separate your smart phone or device from the speaker for a distance of 9 to 10 meters . Ensure that the speaker is no more than 30 feet (9 meters) away from the source. Ensure there are no obstacles (e.g wall) between the speaker and the source.

Motherboard Connections

Wire connections of the speaker connected to the motherboard might be loose inside the device from dropping the device. In this case, follow the Omaker M4 Back Case Replacement guide to disassemble the speaker.

Omaker M4 Troubleshooting

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