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Das Huawei P8 Lite (2017) ist ein Android Smartphone, das im Januar 2017 auf den Markt kam. Es verfügt über einen 5,2 Zoll Display mit einer Dichte von ~424ppi sowie einer 12MP Rückkamera.

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Phone vibrates/No Display Screen Reaction

Hello, I accidently dropped my Huawei in water, which resulted into some water damage.

I opened the back cover (which was fairly difficult due to the way it was constructed ) and cleaned up the mess.

Now my phone only displays different colors in the notification area and vibrates when I prompt to turn it on. It reacts with vibrating as well to a charger, but no sign of screen reaction.

What should I do? My phone is barely 2 weeks old and I am more than distressed.

(I have also tried the factory reset with no success.)

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It sounds like the screen has been damaged from the water. Be sure to remove the water from the phone properly so that damages can be minimal as possible. Be sure that the connecter for the screen is cleaned. If after all actions the screen still doesn't display properly, then it would be best to try to replace the screen.

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Sorry to hear that, the LCD screen may be damaged, you should send it to a repair shop or replace it by yourself but it have risks.

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Thank you for the replies, my phone finally showed some life and now can be successfully turned on/off and charged.

The only problem now is that my touch screen doesn't react.

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how did u fix that


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hi dropped my hawei p smart down the toliet accidentally i put in rice yesterday and then late at night it started vibrating so i got it out and turned it off and put it back in the rice.

i took it this morning and has i turned it on it started to vibrate but i could turn the phone on. after a few hours later my phone stop vibrating which i was relive but then the screen went blank and only flashes the logo when to turn it back on so what can i do for it to be back to normal

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