Performance issues - software or hardware?

This is utter bollocks. I have a solid state hard drive, no cable, plugged directly into the motherboard.

The problem is that OSX apps like Finder keep using more CPU than they should, and cause the user interface to become unresponsive to the extent that it displays the beachball.

This is definitely a programming issue, not a hardware one (although I concede that hardware issues may be the cause in a few isolated instances).

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Simon - Open your eyes! This is a 13" MacBook Unibody (not a retina series). There is no means to directly connect a SSD to the logic board (which the retina series does with the custom Apple blade SSD's). This system requires a custom SATA drive cable (2.5" HDD or SSD).

It's a known issue in this series.


Sure, mine is a MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) so I don't have the cable issue, but I still have the beachball issue!!! Maybe you should have stated that your cable issue explanation only applies to this model in your original post.


Simon, The thread is one what the OP posted. If you have a different model then you need to post a fresh Q with your stuff not hang it here as it will confuse people.

I'll move your stuff over, review it and add in the missing details, alter it to a proper Q the. We can move on from there.

I'm sure we can help you get the performance back!


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