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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 15-Zoll Display

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MacBook new battery shutting off apple logo

The computer will boot and run normally off of AC power with the battery disconnected. With both the battery and AC adapter connected, however, the it will shut down halfway through the startup sequence (after the chime, but before the grey Apple logo.) Furthermore, if I reconnect the battery while the machine is up and running, it will shut off immediately.

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Alreafy bought macbook, now i just cant get to boot up, because of said reasons above,smc all that has been done,

Whats going on, what should i have replaced if the new batTery does nothing


Try see if you an boot in to safe mode. To do this, hold SHIFT down while the computer turns on and attempts to start into OS X.


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Plug the original bad battery into the computer again. IF the original one is doing the same, something is wrong with the motherboard or charger. If the original battery lets you start up, then you have a defective new battery.

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The ORIGINAL is "bloated", doesnt work. BUT it boots up if its connected to the mac while also connected to the magsafe

The NEW battery if pluged/ also with magsafe only boots up to the chime apple logo and shuts down, if i unplug the new battery and leave the magsafe it works normal, if i plug in the new battery while the mac as booted up al the way to desktop, it shuts down


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Don't know if they'll still do this, but I took my 15" MacBook Pro to the apple store and they gave me a free replacement for my "Bloated" battery. (this was some time ago, when there was that batch of Sony Li-ion cells that were overheating and burning, so I may have benefitted from a quiet "Capture" order.

Also find a battery supplier in your area and give them that bloated battery for recycling. it may still be a fire risk

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