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Why my laptop is too slow?

It turns out that my laptop goes very slow to give any kind of use, whether play, use microsof office, even when nothing is being done with the computer.

what do i have to do to solve the problem?

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This can be caused by many things. The first thing I would look at is your hard drive. How full is it? How many programs are running in the background? Has it been defragmented and optimized lately? Does it have enough RAM for running your current system and programs, again, what's running in the background?

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Check the health of the drive. If it is failing this can also cause major slowness. you can use a free application called Crystal Disk Info.


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I got this hint from a IT friend. He told me to clean the cache of Temporary Folder


  1. press Window
  2. type in SEARCH this command %temp%, press enter
  3. select all
  4. delete all

I do it every week.

Best regards,


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