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Die MacBook Familie entstand im Jahr 2006 und ersetzte das iBook als Consumer Laptop.

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Diagnosis loose connection or bad logic board?

My Mac seemed to have had a bad hard drive. It does have a weak battery, but will hold a charge for 10-15minutes. When turned on it would display a folder with a question mark. I replaced hard drive.. worked a few days then started displaying same folder.

A week ago I disassembled and reassembled removing and reinstalling hard drive as well as disconnecting and reconnecting other connections. It worked like a charm until I let the battery go completely dead when in use, the computer shut down of course. When charged and turned on, again failed to boot up and displayed the folder with the question mark. In addition it also when booting up makes a mechanical sound like gears turning??

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Will need some more information, what model of mac is it? Grinding noise is usually a fan or hard drive problem. Some of the newer unibody laptops had a problem with the hard drive cable being faulty and would have strange errors.

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Ok figured out the sound is unrelated it is the cd drive. It is a macbook. I'm going to disassemble and reassemble again and see if it will boot up again.


Ok, I opened up case disconnected - removed hard drive and reinstalled hard drive. Buttoned back up and it booted right up.??? Working fine.


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