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CB Radio (all types) first introduced in 1958.

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Applied too much voltage

My power supply malfunctioned and started delivering 24v instead of 12v. Unfortunately i didnt notice untill i had keyed a couple of radios. The receive still works but the transmit does not or is very weak. Which component (s) are likely to fail when too much voltage is applied? What section would i start searching?

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@oldturkey03 thanks for the reply. Its a uniden president radio and i looked at the boards and everything looks fine. The power output is swinging to 2w barely transmitting. Was working perfect until i plugged it in to a power supply i got as a gift.


Can you post some images while I check to see if I have more info on that model? There are about 10 different Uniden President radios. Any chance you can narrow it down?


uniden president mckinley


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@jhawks there are no standard items of things that fail when receiving to much power. It could be a couple of the diodes on the inside of your radio. You will need to let us know the make and model of your radio. It might also help if you take the cover of the radio and post some images of your circuit boards. Use this guide for that so we can see what you see.

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