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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2016. Modell A1534, EMC 3099. Jetzt mit schnelleren Kaby Lake Prozessoren bis zu 1,4 GHz Core i7 mit Turbo Boost bis zu 3,6 GHz und bis zu 50 Prozent schnellerer SSD und unterstützt bis zu doppelt so viel Speicher.

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Can individual keys be replaced?

I have a few sticky keys on my 2017 MacBook. I think I have spilt something, I tried using compressed air and cleaned them with solution, but it hasn't worked. Is it possible to replace individual keys?

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I have a damaged E key and the cap came off. However when I depress the key it won't register. Would anyone know if a replacement key (including the key and hinge) should fix this issue. I was wondering if a single key replacement would work in this regard or I would need a complete keyboard replacement.


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You can buy individual keys online, yes... just google it. People mark it up because they know about folks like you that need single units. They're easy to put back on.

When I messed up a few of mine, Apple just replaced the whole top case, saying they don't do single key replacements.

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assuming you mean the keycaps then yes it is, look at step 7 here and you will find that they are held down by 4 small clips Retina MacBook 2017 Teardown

otherwise possibly but it might not be worth trying with the 1/10 repair score.

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