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Why am I getting an automatic repair screen?

Playing a game, computer froze and I had to forcibly shut it down. Gave it a break and upon restart, got automatic repairs screen, but then screen goes black.

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@kim715 sounds like a corrupted OS. You most likely will have to reinstall your OS. We cannot be more specific since we do not know which version you are using.

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I'm going to assume you are either running Windows 8.x or Windows 10 on this system even though you never confirmed anything. These are the only two OSes I know care about the signature of the files to the extent the OS WILL NOT load.

Generally speaking the few times I have seen the automatic repair fail is when it's a Secure Boot problem caused by MBR or BCD corruption. Because of how Secure Boot works, the system fails to boot because the corrupted files don't have the signature Windows is expecting. I'm going to assume you don't have installation media, so use this tool to create media for Windows 10 or this one for Windows 8.x.

The instructions for Windows 8.x can be found here. If you're running Windows 10, refer to this version. I'm not 100% positive if Windows 10 is the same as 8.x, so I've linked instructions just in case.

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This could be hardware related. Gaming puts high stress on the system, and fact that it froze could very likely be GPU or less likely CPU related.

I had a similar case once, when I overclocked my GPU too far. It would boot but as soon as my Overclocking software started it froze.


I'd try the drivers first and see what happens. If that doesn't work then it's the screen or GPU. I'm inclined to partially drop the LCD cable theory since those rarely fail. As far as the automatic repair issue goes it's almost certainly a BCD or MBR problem.

The OP shouldn't have any switching graphics hardware since it's an AMD A Series system when I look it up, so I'd argue that the AMD drivers that aren't from Lenovo can be used if that's what it takes.


I have had several cases like this in recent weeks. The OS attempts to repair itself and then runs diagnosis and stops with a message to restart or to try recovery options. Take the recovery options path and try resetting to earlier set point.


I'd rather do the BCD and MBR reset then mess with restore points.


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First try resetting your bios. Locate the coin cell battery, take it out and re-insert it. If you can not access the CMOS coin cell, a bios reset will have to do. Besides this, I can only presume that your graphics chip is burned out or malfunctioning. What type of graphics card do you have? If you have a dedicated GPU, try switching on integrated graphics within the bios.

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