Replaced battery, ssd, and memory, tore battery indicator. Won’t boot?

Hello everyone.

As the title states I replaced my battery due to it bulging and at the same time upgraded my memory and hdd to an ssd. In the process of doing so I tore my battery indicator cable.

Now as I put everything together the computer didn’t turn on. It had been working prior to just not charging. So I began to put all the parts back in and try and start the computer with the original parts. I had no luck. I put the new parts back in and tried resetting the SMC to no avail. Then I tried to boot it with no battery and the Magsafe connected but it didn’t work. I had thought all along that maybe the battery was the culprit but now it seemed like it wasn’t.

Finally I saw a guide by someone who said hold the power button down then pull the Magsafe out and plug it back in while still holding the power. After doing so release the power and press power again. Viola it worked! I installed OS el captain and started using the laptop.

Till this day that is the only way I can start the computer. I cannot boot it normally. The batter is not connected and it detects the ssd and the new memory.

Is it the batter indicator that is causing these issues and I should replace?

Is there something I can do to figure out how to fix my laptop so I can actually use it properly?

Any help is appreciated

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