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The Nikon Coolpix B500 superzoom point and shoot camera was released in 2016

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Camera Zoom ring bent and now says turn off and on again over and ove?

Dropped camera on concrete and bent the zoom ring now the camera will turn on but message says to turn off and turn back on each time?

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I presume the zoom ring is stuck partially or fully extended and is visibly out of alignment. The way that these zoom lenses work is that the barrel that moves in and out has several pegs which slide in helical grooves in the inside of a slightly larger barrel. One of these pegs has probably slipped out of its groove but hopefully not broken. If you grip the zoom barrel firmly in one hand and the camera body in the other you may be able to force it back. Good luck!

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This was very helpful. Just take your time and be gentle and slow. If you look closely you will see the alignment lineup correctly. Thank you!! 😁

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