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Die Nintendo Switch kam am 3.März 2017 heraus. Es handelt sich um ein Handspielgerät, welches auch auf dem Fernsehgerät abgespielt werden kann, oder eben aus der Hand.

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Joycon/procontroller Bluetooth chip/antenna inside switch?

Hi all,

Long story short none of my Joy cons / pro controller work any further away than a few inches from the switch.

I sent the switch in to Nintendo without this issue and a joycon issue, however it came back where nothing will work wireless more an a couple of inches away from the switch joycons or pro. Nintendo wouldn’t repair due to a crack on the power button.

Could someone tell me where this is located within the switch please? As I’m assuming someone opened it and something isn’t connected/missing.


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Thank you Alex :)

Will give it a go


hey, were you able to fix this?


I'm having this same issue however my Switch has never been repaired, dropped or damaged before. Did this work out for you?


@Will Wunsche Yes I fixed it, upon opening the ZIF connector as listed below had been disconnected.


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While I couldn't find a proper picture of the antenna placement on our teardown guide, there is a mention of antennae here at Step 10, perhaps you could tear it down until there and see if you can spot the antenna ZIF connectors.

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