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Guides and repair information for 49cc gas-powered scooters.

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I give it gas but it cuts off refuses to stay on

i ran off a curb now my roughouse 50 cc moped wont run correct it starts perfect but when i try to hit throttle it goes untila certain point then cuts off i knocked soemthing loose

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Carb.. Float needs adjustment and or air fuel mix screw/idle adjustment screw, go to the carb. With a Phillips driver and screw one of them to The right whole 360° turn.. if nothing happens youll know that its the other one is the idle adjustment screw. You'll know when the bike runs at high rpms when you turn it on. Or itll run at lower than normal rpms so once youve figured it out screw the opposite screw that doesnt effect the rpms so dramaticly all the way to the right til it cant go any further in.. then back it out 2 full 360° rotations. And it should be reset to factory standards.

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