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Released in November 2013, this model of the HP 2000 series is the perfect device for those on a budget, but don't want to sacrifice performance.

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Can I cut the charging port wires and attach a different charging port

I have half the wires out already that's bad the other half is good

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Which part? The charging cable or the port on the laptop?


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so, essentially the answer is a hypothetical yes.

however, you would need the pin out of both the original, and new port in order to do this procedure.

in doing this, you would also need to make sure the new port fits the jack that you are looking to put into it.

As long as all of the nodes match up, without shorting, or getting cold, then you should be able to have the current run through properly. (i just swapped out a charge port in a lenovo laptop with the head of different charge port, by this procedure)

there are a lot of variables of the like posted above, and i would honestly suggest just purchasing the component you wish to change as a whole. this is a more commonly successful repair than splicing.

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