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The Samsung Gear S3 is the third-generation Samsung Gear smartwatch, first released in November of 2016. Features a round OLED display running the Tizen OS. Model number: SM-R770NZSAXAR.

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How can I copy contacts from Gear S3?

Hey all,

My phone was broken into pieces and unfortunately I couldn't have a back up of my contacts. Luckily the contacts are on my Samsung Gear S3, however i am not able to find a way to copy these contacts from my Gear to PC or my new phone (Note 8).

Can someone help me with that?

PS: I have more than 300 contacts I can't save them manually one after another.

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@ma7moudft did you connect your Gear S3 with your Note 8?


No .. if i ll connect it i will lose the contacts


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Try the Samsung SmartSwitch software

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It doesn't work, and surprisingly even Samsung store (the physical shop) couldn't do it!


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I know this is a very old thread, BUT…. i was in the same situation as the topic starter, the only difference was that my phone was stolen, and i also didn’t have any backups, clouds, etc. So…this is application that I used to export all my contacts from my Samsung GearS3 Classic (works also on Frontier and Galaxy Watch) —> Contacts Exporter. You can find it on samsung store. Enable the WiFi on your watch and go to Galaxy Apps application in the menu, then go to Apps, then type of application select Utilities, and there select/search for Contacts Exporter.

You will be able to save all your watch’s phone book to a vCard format file (.vcf) and then download it via a browser from your laptop/phone or whatever. And then just import it to your device. Hope it will help somebody….

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