What causes a tv to produce burning plastic smell?

Phillips 42" LCD bought in 2009. Has started turning off and smelling like burnt plastic. I opened it and cleaned everything but the smell still happened when I tried it, only stronger. everything had looked fine when i looked inside except there where two copper coil type things on the upper left hand side of the back of TV and the top coil copper looked a little dark but they were under a black plastic grate type cover so it could have just looked darker because of that covering. The copper was in the spot on the tv where the smell seems to come from as well as the tv feeling pretty warm in that spot. What causes this if it is overheating? How much to repair it? Someone had said it could be the caps, not sure what those are or how much. Phillips seems to have overheating complaints on consumer reports but customer service can do nothing. What can be done for overheating? Only know I'm recovering from some painful injuries these last few months and its the worst time for my TV to go out in my bedroom as I needed it to put on some calming movies and songs for my children to be entertained calmly while they are in bed with me.

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If you could post a couple of photos that would really help - one of the entire back with the rear cover off, and another of the bit that's producing the smell, and if you can remove the plastic cover grate thing to do so that'd be great.

Is the TV actually working and producing a picture and sound until it turns itself off?


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