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Samsung starts, gives a message after a few seconds then restarts.

Hey, I'm looking on an Samsung s2 (9100) that been dropped and after that it starts a few seconds then gives a message that something can't load (? Don't remember exactly) then it restarts and does the same all the time. The motherboard gets pritty hot in the upper area.

Seen some that removed simcard and then could save all files and update it.

I only trying to save all pictures. Tested several programs for it Dr.phobe etc but nothing works.

If I put it download mode and the other mode it dosent restart.

Any tips?

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Could you please provide the exact error output?


It says something like "Can not retrieve now, please try again later" (Google translate from Swedish to English.)

Many have said the power button is the problem when I have searched buy there's no difference without it connected



The data is the only thing I'm trying to save


@avanteguarde yes that works

It gives me these options

Reboot system now

Apply update from ADB

Apply update from external storage

Wipe data/factory reset

Wipe cache partition

Apply update from cache


Ok, if the phone does not continue to restart, then you have a stable environment to retrieve files.

I can't remember if stock recovery allows you to run adb push/pull commands.

See this article.


If adb does not work, you will need to install TWRP recovery.


You can put an SD card in the phone, if there isn't one, and copy the files from main storage to external storage with the adb commands.


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I would consider doing a factory reset if you do not need the data on the device, then if that does not help try reflashing the firmware using this guide:


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@benjamen50 -- using odin wipes and reformats the data and partitions!


Well it technically doesn't if you flash using csc instead of home_csc and not wipe data in recovery mode, I've done it plenty of times on new and old samsung devices.


@benjamen50 -- This is an i9100, each country/csc/carrier has its own firmware. There is no home csc on a phone this old. Also, how does dropping the phone corrupt the firmware?


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Jonny, said you dropped the phone. It could be something was knocked loose.

Follow the tear down guide up to about steps 5 or 6 and make sure everything is intact.

This may resolve your problem.

Samsung Galaxy S II Teardown

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Hey it's not my phone and u haven't dropt it (costumer did) ^^

I have already checked everything, even tested some components but can't find the problem. New battery to and removed the power button but no change.

If i search on the problem many have removed sim card and then been able to save files but there is no sim card in this so no change there, is there any way to update (like download mode?) to newer update without removing everything on the phone?


Jonny, first see how stable the phone is. Once done I can post better instructions.

Follow this link and see if the phone can get into Recovery Mode.



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