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Die Nintendo Switch kam am 3.März 2017 heraus. Es handelt sich um ein Handspielgerät, welches auch auf dem Fernsehgerät abgespielt werden kann, oder eben aus der Hand.

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My switch screen is sitting out from the main chasis


I literally just noticed today that the top right corner of the screen on my Switch sits out further than any other corner of the screen, and when I press on it, it pushes into the chasis until slowing coming back out, It's only a mm or two but I'm not interested in having my screen fall out. Has anyone here had a similar problem, or have an idea about what's gone wrong?



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Perhaps one of the screws holding the console together has come loose? Have you tried tightening the screws on the back side?

Have a look at step 4 of thisguide to see what I mean.

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