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Die kleinere Version des iPad Pro, herausgekommen am 31. März 2016. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Display, dem A9X Prozessor und wahlweise mit 32/128/256 GB Speicher. Erhältlich in Silber, Grau (Space Grey), Gold und Rose Gold.

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iPad Will not charge after screen repair stuck on battery logo screen.

I repaired the screen on a iPad Pro 9.7 for a customer “have been repairing iPads for over 6 years” but my first iPad Pro.

It worked fine after the repair, then came back a couple days later stuck on the battery screen, it recognises the charger then just stays charging but never boots, it’s pulling between 0.15A and 0.40A depending if the screen is turned on. The battery is reading 3.6V also so not a dead battery.

Opened it up and can’t see anything straight away, I can only imagine I’ve damaged the battery connection while isolating it, does anyone know if these are repaireable, and if so any guides please?

Any help is appreciated!

Kind regards


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The iPad Pro's are harder to work on because there are no published schematics out in the wild. The logic boards are designed similarly to other existing devices but obviously they are not exactly the same.

I suspect that this devices has a charge circuit issue as it has the same symptoms as fake charging. So in theory this could be a gas gauge or Tristar issue. Ask the customer what kind of charging brick they use to insure they are using an apple original brick.

An experienced micro-solderer may be able to troubleshoot this but without schematics and boardviews, it's a bit difficult.

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I had the exact issue myself. IPad Pro 9.7" A1674.. For me, I had replaced the battery when the issue started. Returning to the original battery then saw the screen to the apple logo, then off again.. No attempt at a reset would proceed. Soft/hard reset, DFU attempt, nor itunes. The buttons were not being recognized.

I changed the lcd assembly, still the same white screen issue.

The iPad remained non responsive to any button activity.

I had to use mains power and a usb cable throughout.

I decided to removed the usb cable immediately after the iPad rebooted, it went black suggesting a battery or power issue.

I refitted the new battery, pressed the on button and it then kicked into life. Battery showed 23% which when I had plugged it in initially it was only displaying 3% after having it connected via usb charging for 8 hours... 15 minutes later, the percentage increased.. Everything worked fine thereafter..


@jxe63 oh my goodness you saved my life. thank you same here i just did what you done. ipad is back to work thank you


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