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Repair guides and support for the Leap, a 5" smartphone running the BlackBerry 10 Operating System.

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red light keeps blinking

my blackberry leap just red light blinking?

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my fone says bberror,doesnt wanna switch on


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im assuming the device itself does not boot up for this, because the red light blinks when you have notificationas as well.

If you plug your device in to a PC, and it is recognized, you likely have a screen failure.

If it is not being recognized, then i would start to think you have further issues. Red flashing LED indicates a general hardware failure, which could be most anything. (battery, camera, etc) most commonly however, it is a board level failure.

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If the light blinks twice fast then slow 3 times but never turns on, it means the device is soft bricked. This happens when the OS is corrupted or somehow the wrong version of the OS has been flashed on (Like I did). You will need to do a factory reset to bring it back to life.

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