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Can a dead backlight be fixed with a logic board replacement?

I purchased an iPad 2 for extremely cheap on eBay. The problem was that the dock connector was so broken it was impossible to charge up. It was my first time doing such a difficult repair, and I'm pretty proud that I managed to open the iPad without ripping the wifi antenna (I put like 10 cracks in the digitizer though).

I was a bit careless and lazy, and didn't use a spudger (used a flat-head screwdriver) to disconnect the lcd and digitizer while replacing the dock connector, and now the backlight doesn't work.

When the iPad turned on, it became activation locked, and I'm waiting for a 'configuration locked' logic board to bypass and get a usable iPad.

My question is: With a new logic board, will the backlight issue be fixed, or is it more likely that the LCD's actual backlight was fried and I need a new LCD.

Happy holidays guys, thanks in advance for any responses.

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look to see if you pryed any components off, also activation can be taken off by removing either a cap or resistor

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It's clearly a backlight issue, nothing "pryed off" should make the backlight fail. Also, that removing a resistor from the motherboard is for 3G models only and mine is a Wi-fi model


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