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Kohler makes the gas powered engines for many different riding mowers & garden tractors both for home owners and professionals.

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Engine will run for 2-5 minutes then die

Engine on Kohler powered tractor will start and run for 2-5 minutes then die. It will not crank for 5-10 minutes. After waiting a bit it will crank and then do same. It does this regardless of outside or engine temps. I have run a jump wire to fuel solenoid to rule out the silenoid stopping fuel at float bowl. I've replaced the air filter and checked all fuel lines for crimps. The fuel pump seems to be working also as i can see fuel flow thru the clear housing of fuel filter and it maintains a constant fuel level. I'm stumped.

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Take a look at this web site: Kohler Engines See if you can identify the series of your engine and see what the service manual tells you.

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I know this is a very old question but it’s the coil.

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