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The Polaroid OneStep 600 Camera takes and develops its own pictures. It features an automatic flash as well as a special lens for close up photos.

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How do I/Can I replace the flash?

The flash in my camera will fire up when I open the camera but nothing happens when I take the picture. Meaning that the light comes on and I can hear the sound of the flash warming up but it doesn't fire when I take the picture. Is there any way to replace the flash in this particular camera?

Update (12/25/2017)

It sounds like I might need to just buy a new camera, the thing is pretty old so I can understand if that's the case. They are pretty cheap on eBay..

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@kaitlinm it's not about being to old or inexpensive. Why not try to fix it? Bear with us and I am certain you'll get some responses. Never give up on fixing the world, one device at a time.


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@kaitlinm start by checking this teardown Polaroid One-Step 600 Teardown about how to remove the flash

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It looks like you essentially have to remove half the camera before you come to the flash and even if I did that, I would need to know what part I was replacing and where to get it. To me, I don't know it's worth all the extra time and effort. I would be more willing to pay someone to fix it for me at this point. I try to get as much use out of something as I can and fix things on my own when they're broken but this might be too complicated a job for me.


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Hi Kaitlin, did you have any luck finding anywhere to repair your polaroid flash? I am determined to get mine fixed, seems to be a similar issue to yours. Camera fires up, but no flash, and fantastic shots are ruined by coming out blurry as a result!

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