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8.9" tablet, co-developed by Google and HTC. First released in November 2014, running Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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There are two types of models for Nexus 9. This should be noted.

My model is a Nexus 9 with all the bells and whistles. While a clever person could use this guide, it would be nice to have one for each model.

What are the part numbers for the two (or more?) models ?

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There are at least 3 versions of the Nexus 9, not including color variations.

• 16gb Wi-Fi

• 32gb Wi-Fi

• 32gb Wi-Fi with LTE.

Design-wise, the chip layouts are similar with the exception of the extra LTE baseband and antenna.

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Thank you! I have the one with LTE. The disassembly is slightly more complicated. The part to which the circuit boards mount is significantly different because the motherboards are different. (screw bosses)


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