Broke something in fixing a paper jam.

With the OfficeJet 8740, I was printing business cards on microperferated card stock. The machine gobbled several of them at a time, and in repairing the paper jam (difficult because the pages pulled apart along the perfs), I think I broke something inside the back door of the printer. If there is any possible way to fix this myself, I would be happy to try; but I would also be happy to pay someone to come and fix it. If absolutely necessary, I can take it somewhere, but this is a very big machine for a desktop printer, and no so easy to transport.

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This sounds like it could be hard. Can you post any pictures of the bit that seems to be broken (if you can identify it) and any bits that have fallen off. In looking more closely there's some small chance you'll be able to spot something that has simply got dislocated and maybe can just be snapped back on.

The chances are slim of getting spares for the sort of plastic parts that tend to get broken. One day maybe we'll be able to 3D print them. But it might be worth putting a watch on eBay for another machine of the same model, for spares or repair, though if as you say taking yours for repair would be difficult, then collecting another or having it delivered is going to be equally problematic.


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