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Kodak's pulse line of digital frames, discontinued in 2012. The frame's web service was maintained until it, too, was finally discontinued in 2018.

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Pictures not uploading to online account

Pictures added to the internal frame memory from an SD card do not upload to the kodak pulse account, ie they do not sync.

Everything else works, pictures send by email , etc

The online account only shows the pics I sent by email not the ones added to the internal memory from an SD card. If anyone has any idea why this happens I would be grateful for any advice, many thanks

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Many thanks, very clear now.


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I don't know your digital frame but the following is taken from p.23 of the User Guide

Pictures copied to your digital frame from a memory card or USB device do not appear in the Current pictures tab on your kodakpulse.com account; they also are not available to be included in playlists

Given the statement above it seems that for whatever reason they do not want this to happen

You could check if there is a firmware update available (see p.28 of the User Guide) that "may" have have been released which fixes this issue

Hopefully this is of some help.

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