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In 1991 for the 1992 model year, Isuzu completely redesigned the Trooper to keep pace with changes in the SUV marketplace, making it larger, more powerful, and more luxurious.

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bell housing to OD case bolt sizes

I have a 1995 Isuzu Trooper 4x4 with an Automatic Transmission, The so-called tranny shop that rebuilt it used no lock tite on any bolts at all. First, the torque converter bolts backed out, got that fixed, then the bell housing bolts that hold the bell housing to the OD case all backed out and the tranny slid apart. So Now I need to find out the Bolt size and length and how many there were, so when I go to rebuild this thing I can make sure I get everything that I will need to complete the rebuild and do it right the first time.

Is there anyone one here that can help me with the corrct bolt sizes and lengths that I need ?

Thank you

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If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it so very much


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The area you described is not an area you generally use loctite but if your a bit paranoid use blue so you can get them out again later . These bolts if torqued to the proper specs should not back off . Thats why theres specs for them . "That should be good enough " isnt always enough or could be too much . If the torque is not evenly distributed through the entire ring then the odds are good the bolts will back out . As for the proper bolt size and length your dealer can help with that . Some auto parts stores can also get the right bolts for the job . Its important that the proper head be used to lock the bolt in place under torque . Just having the right length , size and thread are not enough make sure its the proper flanged head as well . Hope this helps

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Even though the Transmission shop that rebuilt it in the first place should have known that all bolts need to be torqued to specs, they did not do it. was not the first time I had problems with them, they did not torque the torque converter bolts and they backed out. Mind you I did not have them rebuild the transmission in the first place, the person I bought the trooper from had them rebuild it. and they tried to blame me for the bolts backing out because I changed the u- joints, go figure. Even though your answer did not help i will accept it as you did not have to reply at all, for that i thank you


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