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Das Sony Xperia Z3 ist ein Android Smartphone, welches 2014 auf den Markt kam und bekannt ist für seine lange Akkulaufzeit und Haltbarkeit.

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Changing the digitizer / Lcd

Ok looking at changing the digitizer on the d6603, Question is this: Is the Lcd screen bonded to the digitizer and has anyone got a work around/way of separating the 2? or are the not bonded for sure?

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yes the glass is bonded to the lcd its not expensive for the full lcd so i would replace the whole thing

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That's what I thought though its a fair bit cheaper just to do the digitizer, Any experience of separating one yourself?


only with samsung, if you take the whole lcd out you could use lcd cutting wire and a hairdryer or heat gun but you would need a way of holding it down while cutting, i use a vacuum seperator so its alot easier


maybe it isnt bonded just watched another video there but it skipped parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WhrZnJ4...


I do have a reflow machine for other work I do. Lcd cutting wire? Could be subbed for a fine fishing wire? Cheers Daniel will give that a look now, I know the z1 wasn't bonded totally but partially at the bottom from what I remember a few moons back


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Change the complete lcd. Pretty simple job. If you get the lcd without the frame be sure to adhere properly on the sides. They tend to lift easily and you will be able to see the light through the space on the lcd and frame.

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