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The Keurig model K70 is a beverage brewing system for home and commercial use. The Keurig is made by the American company Keurig Green Mountain.

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Why is my Keurig leaking ALL the water out of the reservoir?

Recently, my keurig is only brewing drips of water then stops. I tried everything: descaling, cleaning out the needles with a paperclip, slapping it on the bottom, etc., but it still only brews drips of water. I only have been using it for hot water for tea. I slapped it a few times and it started working again, for a while. Now I have a new problem. I put the water in the reservoir, turned it on and selected the cup size and it brewed fine. I left it on, with the handle up where is says "not ready", when back about 10 minutes later and ALL the water was out of the reservoir and all over the counter and floor. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?

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ld112200 both issues could be related to the water reservoir. there is a check valve on the bottom. When you push the reservoir into the keurig. A plunger will open the check valve. The water can then enter the machine. Your reservoir could be leaking from that.

The same goes for your brewing issue. There is a screen in the reservoir acting as a filter. If that screen is not clean or occluded, your Keurig will have the symptoms you describe. Check this guide Öffnen und Reinigen einer Keurig Kaffeemaschine step 3 and 4

Different model same idea.

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This area circled was the culprit for our Kurig leak. My husband and I have enjoyed our Kurig 2.0-200 for more than 6 years. It recently began leaking profusely from the bottom and when my husband disassembled the device, we found that an o ring would not have fixed our particular problem. It was a much bigger issue. This connection was rotted, but the rest of the machine was fine. Due to the cost of parts and age of our Kurig, we have decided not to fix it. We will consider a new model.

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I have the same problem?? Where can I find a replacement plastic 4-way tee or is there a way to bypass this air pump feature?


Exact problem i have. You said cost of parts. Where did you find replacement parts?


Mine broke exactly in the same place, the 4-way t-connector.


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Spot any visual holes in the water reservoir. If there are not any holes or cracks then your check valve might be damaged. Check valve is present at the bottom of water reservoir.

Read out this article for a complete solution.

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