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Angekündigt am 9. September 2014, ist dies das erste Gerät von Apple im Bereich der Smart Wearables. Die Reparaturanleitungen von iFixit beziehen sich sowohl auf die Apple Watch (Edelstahl) als auch die Apple Watch Sport (Aluminum).

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Why is my NFC (apple pay) not working?

Cracked my display recently, but changed it to the new one (that was pretty easy). Then I found I removed the force touch gasket, ordered a new one and installed it.

Now my display works fine, force touch works fine, but I cannot get my Apple Pay working. When I double press the power button it shows my credit card and message "Move closer...", but the payment terminal doesn't see my watch. (It was working fine before the screen/force touch replacement)

The question is am I right the force touch gasket is the NFC antenna? Am I missing something? Maybe some wire contact or some additional gasket

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Delete your ApplePay account info (all) and re-enter it. That should fix it.

To explain what happened here review the Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown jump down to Step4 last image you'll see the NFC chip is on the back of the display! So when you swapped it out your encrypted info was lost.

So we need to reprogram it into the chip. The info you see within the screen is only the visual effects the action fires off. Two actions take place the visual and telling the chip the correct record (in case you have more than one card stored) to send.

Update (02/11/2018)

OK, Ive switched your device info to the correct one.

This model uses the antenna plate which is near the gasket as you can see here:

Block Image

Below the yellow gasket you'll see two gold colored bars these are the antennas did you damage them in the process of removing the old gasket?

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Thanks for your response. I have Apple Watch series 1, does it also have the NFC chip built into display?

And what do you mean by re-entering my payment data? I tried removing the card from Apple Watch default app on my iPhone and entering it again - no success. Do I need to completely remove it from both devices and enter it again?


Apple calls the original Series 1 gen 1 and when the Series 2 came out called the low end model Series 1 gen 2. We call them Original, Series 1 & Series 2 to express the differences from a parts perspective. The Original uses very different parts than the Series 1 and Series 2. The only differences between the S1 & S2 is the logic board.

Here the display is the same part between the S1 & S2. Hopefully that clarifies which watch you have and what parts fit which and yes the NFC chip is the same across all three (not that matters here)

You need to use the Watch app on your phone to clear them cleanly. If that fails the display unit is bad.


My watch looks like the following inside: https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/ig...

And I don't see the NFC chip here on a display


You have is an 'Original' Apple Watch (Series 1 gen 1). The NFC chip in this series is within the main logic board which you can see here: Logic board breakdown


I see your update. What is the exact part you are talking about? After replacing my display to the new one I also replaced this part to the new one: [verlinktes Produkt fehlt oder ist deaktiviert: IF308-014-2]


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