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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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Wobbly ceiling fan noisy

Ceiling Fan blades make noisy and seem out of balance. How to repair

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I saw this video on our fan page,

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Contact the manufacturer to get a balancing kit for your fan. They often have a set of weights and a special level unit you place on the center of your fan then you carefully apply the weights to balance things out.

I suspect in cleaning you knocked the weight free or sucked it up in the vac.

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A ceiling fan must be well-aligned to be balanced. Be careful doing so because you can be injured by the fan, or you can fall off a ladder. Perform these steps in the order shown and stop when the fan is well-balanced. All steps may not be necessary.

  1. Remove the blades from the fan and clean them. Stand them upright on a hard flat floor with the metal mounts touching the floor. The blades should be EXACTLY the same length or as close as possible. Placed side by side, the blade tips should also align with one another else the blade spacing will be inconsistent and out of balance. You can loosen the blade screws and adjust for perfect alignment on the mounts and then tighten.
  2. When you mount the blades back on the fan pull them outward from the center of the fan as you tighten the mount screws. This ensures the blades are mounted at the same length and spacing; the slack in the screw holes isn’t introducing inconsistency and imbalance.
  3. Stand on a ladder a few feet beside the running fan and watch across the spinning blades from the side. If one blade is running higher or lower than the others, then bend or shim that blade until the blades are running level with one another. (See next step for a method to temporarily mark the oddball, shaky blade)

# If the fan requires additional balancing, slowly move a piece of chalk (or a tightly folded cloth with flour on it) from the outside of the spinning blades toward the tips until the first blade strikes the chalk. Stop the fan and locate the marked blade. This is the “heavy” blade OR the blade opposite it is the “light”blade. You can take (and perhaps repeat) several steps that can help correct the imbalance.

  • Remove the heavy blade and swap its position with a blade on the opposite side of the fan. This helps because the heavy fan is heavy compared with the TWO blades on the opposite side of the fan.
    • Begin adding 2 inch pieces of tape to the back of the light blade. Add more as needed.

Give yourself plenty of time and you’ll be pleased with the rock steady fan.

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I have a set of three ceiling fan blades, which have got few bends. How do I recondition it?


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