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The Dodge Caliber is a front-engine, front-wheel drive five-door compact hatchback manufactured and marketed by Chrysler's Dodge division from model years 2007 to 2012.

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Why does my engine oil pressure light flicker when I it is at throlle

Why my Engine oil pressure light flicker at thrilled speed

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Oil light is only flickering after car warmed up and you are backing up or sitting at stop sign or something not giving gas. Please help


Mine is doing the same. Did you figure it put


@lori taulbee did you check the responses below? Did they help?


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Two reasons for your oil light to flicker.

1. low oil pressure, meaning you need to top up your oil.

2. faulty oil pressure switch, meaning you might need either a new oil pressure switch if it is defective. Or, you have sludge in your engine and that is clogging up the oil pressure switch causing a false reading. Either was a new oil filter and some fresh oil may cure the problem. If you are going to this length, then while the oil filter is off and your oil is drained, get some fuel and pump it into the engine through your filler hole. Let it drain down and flow out the drain plug. You will probably notice how black it is. You can do this a couple of times. Do not start the engine, while it has no oil in it.

Then, while the oil filter is still off, and no oil is in it. Take out your oil pressure switch often it is at the back of the engine. You may notice some black sludge come out. Then pump fuel up through the hole that the oil pressure switch came out of, fuel should or may squire out where the oil filter goes, this is both normal and OK. Let the fuel drain out the sump plug hole. Take a bit of time to wash out the pressure switch if it has a hole in it. Some do some don't.

Then, put the sump plug bolt back in if it has a renewable washer replace it. If it is copper or aluminium you should be OK. Spin on a new oil filter and tighten it hand tight and then about a 1/4 of a turn more. Fill your engine with the recommended oil. Do not worry about any residual fuel left in the oil, as it will burn off when the vehicle gets up to operating temperature.

Let the engine run for about 10 minutes on idle. Make sure the oil light goes off in this time. Turn off the engine, then restart it and see if the light goes out at idle. Drive the car at highway speeds. See if the light comes back on. If it does, then I'd assume that the oil pressure switch is dead. Replace it with a new one. You do not need to drain all the oil to do this. But be prepared for some oil to drop out the hole, if it is sludgy, replace the switch anyway. Test drive and check, if no light then you've fixed your issue. You may also need to scan your car and clear any codes.

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Also make sure you put your oil pressure switch back in :)


Is it safe to drive with this issue for some days?as i dont have time to get to a mechanic till next week.


Thanks I thought so after an engine overhaul without replacing the oil pressure swicth from a very sludgy eninge Thanks.


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Is this applicable to truck

as well I have a small

truck oil gauge come up

when I drive but only some times

like it comes and goes and don’t know what to do

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Check fuel pump for oil leak where it attached to motor .that was my problem on 86 Ford


If it is a diesel and modern, it may have a DPF fitted. They inject extra diesel in to the combustion to burn off particulates that have accumulated. A side effect of this is diesel in your engine oil. But if you drive at highway speeds this may not be such a problem. Long slow and short trips often cause this.


My 4m40 was flickering oil light when idling and hot. The light was going off when the engine rerves up to 2. I changed the oil pump but it is still doing the same problem. Pls can someone comes with a good idea.


the pcv valve tends to fluctuate engine pressure


James, check the sensor bud. It may be bad and not getting correct oil pressure reading


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