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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Sound plays through speakers not through earphone jack?

A friend has a MacBook Pro 13-inch with what seems to be a blown earphone jack. The speakers work and will even stop playing while a earphone jack is plugged in. The signal itself does not seem to be making it to the phone line though. We have confirmed this with multiple sets of head phones, so are pretty sure it is the jack. Any ideas? I know older models had a separate audio circuit, but so far I have not found it online. I will keep looking and report back here. Great site BTW.

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I have no answer but confirm I have the same problem and that none of the suggested solutions have worked. So where does one go from here?


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See if there is a red light in the audio port which means your digital audio out has switched on. You can insert a plastic toothpick in the hole and try and switch it off. The switch should be at the 3 o'clock position and go towards the 6 o'clock position. Some people also have had luck inserting their headphone jack and pulling out a few times. Another recent report was that inserting the headphone jack and turning it in the hole helped.

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Others have been able to fix this by blowing in the audio jack hole


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I had same issue.

Solution for me was simple in the end. I went to system preferences>sound>output, my output volume had wierdley tuned to mute (i believe after I plugged/unplugged a jack in connected to my stereo & was & tuned to max volume) I un-ticked mute & it worked again.

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Same Issue has happened on same machine 4 years down the line.

This time it was not muted in settings, but did have red light in the port.

I tried the toothpick (wooden) above, it seemed to click when turning clockwise from 3o'clock to 6o'clock.

After using headphones the same problem reocured so I tried again but this time the tiny switch clicked again in a clockwise direction but from 12o'clock towards 3o'clock.

So maybe the switch moves around inside.

There is obviously a problem with the port as it happens each time a jack is inserted.

Can the headphone port be replaced?


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