Turns off after 1-2 mins besides only the user selection screen

Hi there,

I have a MacBook Air 4,2 (MC965LL/A) also it calls a1369 or air 13 mid 2011 with motherboard 820-3023-A;

I don't know about the first cause of damage, but all (include the mb) looks perfect. And all peripheral parts works without any issues. There are no evidence of brute repair (like heahing some components).

It turns off after 0.5-3 mins of work and it looks like an overheat or damage of the specific component - because (amazing!) it keeps on fine and works (mouse, keyboard, screen etc.) ONLY on the start page of mac os (it is sierra). That's the screen, where u can select the user and type your password. On this screen mac can works as long as possible without any troubles.

When u log in asap, mac os works good for 1-2 mins and it turns off.

When u log in after few mins, image on the screen get small artifacts and it turns off immediately.

Also, it has autostart with battery (battery health is great). Can it be linked ?

Of course, I tried to reset smc & nvram.

-V mode, safe mode (-shift), diagnostic mode(-d) and single user mode don't work. It just turns off after 1-2 mins.

I installed temperature control apps to autostart (where the ssd of this mac was in another mac) and turned the it on - it turns off after 1 min, but there was no temperature pump of any components.

I tried to start without battery + ssd + sound + touchpad + keyboard (mb and i/o only). The same problem.

I think, that total reinstall of EFI can helps and I saw a lot of efi patches by apple. But I am afraid to do smth with EFI, when laptop can turns off any time.

I have another macbook (11'') with the same ssd and some parts. Maybe, it will be good to install smth like os x lion or earlier and try to use it?

Also, I can use my kitchen to try to heat the mb (i have no specially fan, only the soldering iron and the microscope).

Plz, if u need some photos (maybe with microscope, it is possible) - it will be done asap.

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Like a guy from another topic i tried to run in outdoor (-5'C temperature). And it works fine! hda shows an error 4mot/4/40000002 (fan error). It is strange, coz fan works good.


It is not the fan - i replaced it and try. Now it looks like fan logic error on the motherboard. does somebody know which components control fan?


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