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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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Why does it stop after a few seconds?

I’ve tried rewinding but stops. I’ve tried fast forwarding but stops. I’ve tried playing and it stops. I’ve cleaned the head and will play but still stops after two seconds.

Go Video dual deck HiFi DDV9500

Attached is a video of machine playing for a few seconds and then stopping.

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I noticed the upper cylinder of the drum head wasn’t spinning upon turning on. I ended up just using my fingers to twist it myself which broke its stuck position and it began spinning freely on its own. No need to purchase a new one. #ifixit #ididit #dontbuynewwhenyoucanfixit #diy And voila. It now functions like new.

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Can you show where exactly is the "upper cylinder of the drum head"? I'm having the same issues as you right now. Thank you.


Where is the cylinder head


It is the large circular silver drum like part on the left. Mine was stuck as well. Just take the backing of( mine had 2 screws) and turn it with your fingers. That did it for me. Unplug any electronics prior to service.


Thank-you Thank-you. I fixed mine just like you said. I thought I would have to junk it.


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I tried spinning the cylinder head, multiple times. It did not work for me. However, I'm confident it didn't hurt. What did help was to take a lint free cloth (for eyeglasses) and GENTLY dry-wipe all of the optics on the inside. That worked! I am so happy.

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