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Repair guides for the HP LaserJet 1160/1320, a laser printer made by HP. The LaserJet 1320 has a duplexer and networking options, but the LaserJet 1160 does not.

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Why does the printer drag other white sheets and then lock them?

The HP 1320 printer is connected to the PC via USB. Windows 10 as an oparative system. When I print the printer, drag other sheets and lock. Other times it prints other white sheets. Manual two-sided printing from the front drawer, however, works correctly. I have updated the drivers, changed the PC, changed the operating system: the result does not change. What can it be? Thank you.

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Are you saying when, that sometimes when you print it drags other sheets of paper through with it. This then locks up your printer?


Yes. When I print:

1 - a white sheet or, sometimes, correctly printed, comes out

2 - a second white sheet gets stuck in the upper part

3 - a third white sheet gets stuck in the lower part (just drawn from the tray)

4 - the printer stops

5 - the central LED flashes

see the b&w photographs




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How long have you had this printer? You may need to install a maintenance kit. Your pickup rollers are probably worn out.

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The printer is 10-15 years old. How to check the wear of the rollers?

Question: if the rollers are damaged, why are more sheets pulled?


Take the paper tray out and look inside of the printer at the top. Youll see a gray roller. Visually and physically inspect it to see, if it's smooth. It needs to be rough feeling all the way around in order to pickup paper properly.


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