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Repair guides and support for SD, miniSD and microSB memory cards used in tablets, phones and cameras.

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Fix broken micro SD card

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My micro SD card piece has Broke apart.

When I'm mounting it in a Mobile Phone... It says that Blank SD card. When I'm formatting it. It still saying the same... I think it's on a loop. How can I Fix my Broken SD card? It's really important to me.

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Oh F*ck. Thanks for the Response. : )


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Unfortunately this is completely broken by the looks of it part of the circuit board is actually broken off, this card dead unless you would like to pay a large fee for data recovery

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you can download from this site data recovery software for free. www.usbstickrecovery.nl and if the software can’t recovery you data, you may aks them for help to try a physical recovery.

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