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I need to buy Apple TV 2nd generation LED

I live in Brazil and in a trip to USA I bought one Apple TV 2nd generation.

Unfortunately after a couple of weeks using and loving it, the LED burned out. One night before it was fine and I turned it off when I went to bed. Next morning the LED didn't came on anymore.

Apple doesn't sell Apple TV here, mostly because the iTunes Store in Brazil only have Apps, Podcasts and iTunes U. I talked to Apple Authorized Repair Centers but they don't have the parts or training for the Apple TV. They don't repair it.

I think I just need to buy the LED part and replace it. My Apple TV works fine and I even installed the latest firmware update.

My question is: Where can I get the part?

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It may not be just the LED. Most consumer electronics light LEDs using a driver chip and series resistor element. Either of these items could be bad. Best way to tell is when the LED should be on, measure the voltage across the leads. If there is in the neighborhood of 2V or more, then likely it is the LED.

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It might be easy to find a compatible LED in some dead electronics you've got lying around. Getting the exact part can be a challenge.


Good thinking.

I tried to see at eBay if there was some dead Apple TV but there is none.

Looking at the photos in the Apple TV 2nd generation Takedown, I can see that the LED is very small and the components at that module are small as well.

One idea just occurred me. Could it be that the part that has the LED got disconnected in my trip back to Brazil?


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Nope no way to exist as a possibility !

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