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The second generation of the Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-Wheel Drive, commonly known as the RAV4.

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How to improve 2002 rav4 gas mileage?

I have replaced maf,o2sensors,(4 of them)

,new plugs, new coils,new catalytic converter, air filter,throttle body (small gasket),tire pressure,pcv, new exhaust ..gas mileage is still quite poor ..is their something else I can check..had several shops scan all come back good..??????

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@lynxster what gas mileage are you getting?


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@lynxster This is an SUV that is currently 12 years old. The original MPG based on the old MPG measuring standard 25 mpg vs the new standards which makes it around 22mpg. Give it another 12 years, and that would drop to about 17mpg.

What MPG are you getting?

Have you cleaned the fuel system (i.e. fuel lines, fuel filters, fuel injection system)?

Have you made sure your tires are properly inflated? This actually makes quite a difference sometimes.

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