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The Nokia N95 is a smartphone produced by Nokia as part of their Nseries line of portable devices.

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How to fix my battery connector

my battery connector removed and did so with part of the panel, so was told i will, have to connect it from inside the panel, that requires a lot of skill with adapter. i want to know where to solder the wires that will connect to the battery connector, with the soldering iron

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Pictures would be helpful.


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ismael, I think you are looking for a place to connect your battery to on the board itself? This would of course depend where your broke it and what is left. Like ABCellars commented correctly, pictures would be a great help so we can see what has broken off and more important, what is left. I uploaded the level 1 and 2 service manual on my fileshare and do feel free to download it. It will show you how to do most repairs and should also help you find the points to where to connect your battery. Good Luck

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