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Released 2014, October; Android 0S, v4.4.4, up to v5.1; 32/64GB storage and exclusive to Verizon Wireless.

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Problems with charging phone, etc

Hi. I am having problems with my Droid Turbo phone. Never got wet, etc., so is not from that or anything I can pinpoint. First, the charge port became loose and somewhat wobbled when charger plugged in. That then progressively got worse. Also, battery seemed to go down VERY quick. So had charge port changed and new battery insertrede (both done thru repair shop). New charge port stayed wobbly and got even worse. Would plug in to charge and had to fiddle around for placement of charge cord till could get the charge to register. Also noticed that when plugged to computers or tablets, they would not recognize that phone was pluged in. Would even return a usb error. Even when could set charge cord to where phone was recognizing it, it would charge very, verym, VERY slowly if at all even if showing charge active. And yes, tried original charger with plus many others, both base and cords with same result till now cannot get phone to ever recognize thaphonet charger is plugged in. Had shop replace motherboard, too, but since has stayed without charge recognition so is now dead as can get no charge on at all. Please help with ideas!! Can't even transfer data if cannot get battery to charge. Thanks.

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Get a wireless charger works wonders for me. I suggest using a cloud storage to transfer files. There are lots of ways around a broken USB on the turbo

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hi there,

does your phone support wireless charger?

1. yes > try charge with wireless charger, if can boot up try use an app likes "shareit" to backup you data

2. no > suggest send to trusted repair centre , repair/backup you data

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