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The Samsung Gear S3 is the third-generation Samsung Gear smartwatch, first released in November of 2016. Features a round OLED display running the Tizen OS. Model number: SM-R770NZSAXAR.

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I have cracked the rear cover glass on my Samsung S3 Gear Frontier

I live in South Africa, Barberton Mpumulanga and would like to get the rear cover of my Samsung S3 Gear Frintier smart watch replaced as I somehow managed to crack it...???

Where can I have this done?

Can a cover be purchased on line and at what cost??

Please sdvise

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What do you mean rear cover? The S3 gear only has the HR sensor on the back. Is that what you are talking about? Can you post a picture?


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how can rear glass get`s cracked . i have Gear S3 classic . the glass got cracked then water got inside . i am really frustrated and annoyed that samsung wont fix it . despite there are laws which protect consumer devices . really devastated .

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